PediaSure Plus Classic Vanilla Milk Drink 1.6kg

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PediaSure Plus is a Complete and Balanced nutrition, clinically proven to provide a hard-to-feed child optimal nutrition for healthy growth, development and immunity.

It has a Triple Sure System that is comprised of the TRIPLE PROTEIN COMPLEX, an optimal blend of proteins that can help promote his optimal growth and help him stay on track, DUAL CARBOHYDRATE BLEND for improved energy and UNIQUE FAT BLEND & MCTs for mental development of a hard-to-feed child.

PediaSure Plus also contains SYNBIOTICS (a combination of prebiotics and probiotics), and 28 vitamins and minerals for stronger immunity.

One full glass of PediaSure Plus is equivalent to a full healthy meal and provides 100% of most vitamins and minerals.

More Details:

Between 1-12 years old, a child undergoes rapid physical and cognitive development, which needs to be supported by good nutrition. Ensuring that the child eats a complete, balanced diet then becomes crucial.

Unfortunately, throughout these growing years, it is not uncommon for the parent to encounter moments whereby food intake is compromised, such as when the child is sick, or when the child is a picky eater.

With 34 important nutrients, PediaSure gives your child complete and balanced nutrition to support optimal growth and development.


Bone & Muscle Development:
• Protein for tissue building and growth
• Calcium, Vitamin D and K for bone & muscle development

Immunity Support:
• Vitamins A, B6, B12, iron, zinc and selenium for normal immune function
• Prebiotic (FOS) and Probiotic (L. acidophilus) to maintain a healthy digestive system

Brain & Eye Development:
• DHA for brain and eye development*
• Choline and taurine to support overall mental & physical development**

Same Great Taste, NOW with 25% less sugar Compared with previous formulation

Product of Singapore
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