Berlin Dry Gin 700ml

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Adler Berlin Dry Gin is made by macerating botanicals including ginger, allspice, coriander, orange and lavender blossoms in wheat and juniper spirit before a final distillation under vacuum. It's then rested is earthenware pot for three to six months before bottling.

More Details:

Gin is the new trend spirit of the world's metropolises. New distilleries, curious aromas, the revival of gin and tonic and the many new creations around the clear cloud of taste sprout from the ground. Adler, on the other hand, remains true to himself and since 1924 distils his Dry Gin with an alcohol content of 42% in two consecutive, gentle vacuum processes at below 80°C.

The special process of the manufactory in the middle of the city of Berlin creates a soft, not intrusive Dry Gin , which encloses the palate with strong juniper and citrus flavors. In garbage cans, the gin rests as it did in the last century and unfolds its entire complexity within the three to eight months of maturation. Spicy ginger, fresh coriander and floral lavender complete the spectrum, creating a spicy quintet.

The Berlin Dry Gin by Adler, worthy of his coat of arms, dominates the tradition of a clear, exquisite gin. Without many gifts, it remains open to the taste of the consumer. As a gin and tonic, it is just as suitable as a solid base for various imaginative and traditional long drinks of the trendy bars.

Product of Germany
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