Angel Kiss Energy Beauty Bar Angel Kiss Energy Beauty Bar Angel Kiss Energy Beauty Bar Angel Kiss Energy Beauty Bar Angel Kiss Energy Beauty Bar
Angel Kiss

Energy Beauty Bar

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The head of the Angel kiss Beauty Bar, an electric-powered beauty implement, It oscillates at a gentle 6,000-7,000 RPM, the perfect amount for facials and hand care. Now you can achieve vital and lush skin.

The Angel kiss beauty bar is designed with a 24K golden-plated Germanium T-Bar that creates an antimicrobial surface for safe contact with the skin. It helps increase facial and blood circulation, while reducing tightness and rejuvenating skin.

The Angel kiss beauty bar offers a deep and gentle massage to the skin, its compact and sleek design is perfect for carrying in a purse, pocket or bag any time. Plus, the beauty bar's waterproof structure design is safe and efficient for use in the bath.

The Angel kiss beauty bar helps digeste facial spots and pull the skin tight, eliminate eye pouch and restore skin radiance, firmness and elasticity.

More Details:

Now you can achieve vital and lush skin!
You could use it around eyes, lips, forehead and neck, instantly reshape the face contour to reveal your youthful look and energy.

Reshape your face contour to reveal a more youthful appearance, Wrinkles and Revitalizes your Skin. T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point. Relax facial muscles.

Facial massage, fade wrinkles, dilute black eye, eliminate excess fat and facial edema.

6,000-7,000 RPM fine oscillation
A comfortable stimulus promotes healthy skin Gentle oscillating stimulation is essential to healthy skin. This process enhances the skin's metabolism and promotes a better blood flow.

The Angel Kiss Beauty Bar has 6,000 -7,000 revolutions per minute and generates negative ions through that process that support beautiful skin. Gently apply the Beauty Bar to skin for 2-3 minutes while relaxing.

You can enjoy it anytime & anywhere
The Angel Kiss beauty bar has a stylish wand design that fits naturally and comfortably in your hand.

Easily into any drawer or beauty kit for convenient storage, or into any bag to take with you everywhere.


• Decrease the appearance of under eye bags
• Decrease the appearance of crow's feet & wrinkles surrounding the eyes
• Decrease the appearance of smile lines
• Decrease the depth of forehead lines

Made in USA
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