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Spice Paste for Japanese Miso Soup 50g

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Miso, a soyabean paste, is an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking. This specially formulated miso paste with bonito and wakame seaweed makes a hearty popular soup that is served at every meal.

More Details:

From the seasonal Kaiseki style menus to the Japanese chef's legendary dedication to its craft, Japanese cuisine has long been known for traditions that date back to the Shogun era. What is less known is that the alongside the traditional cuisine culture, there is also a casual side to Japanese cuisine that has its roots in Western food.

One such example is the Japanese curry. Introduced into Japan during the late 19th century by the British, the curry has been adapted by Japanese chefs using ingredients such as apple, carrots and potato to create a Japanese version of curry. It has now become so successful and well loved that many considers the curry, along with sushi, to be one of Japanese national dishes!

If you are looking to create a casual Japanese meal, or just want to add a miso soup or Japanese noodles to an everyday meal, then look no further than Asian Home Gourmet. With Asian Home Gourmet's range of Japanese products, bringing the delights of Japanese cuisine into your home has never been easier.


• No Added MSG
• Preservatives Or Artificial Colours

Safety Warning:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, use immediately.

Product of Japan
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