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Spice Paste for Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup 3 Pack (50g Per Pack)

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(Suan La Tang) This nutritious, authentically flavoured hot & sour soup from China's Szechuan province will provide a satisfying one dish meal.

More Details:

From the Book of Han written some 2000 years ago came the saying "For the people, food is their heaven". Over the ensuing years, food has maintained its pride of place in Chinese culture and the result is the spectacular variety of cuisines found all over China today.

There is a spectacular variety of cuisines found throughout the country. Take the south where, just within the Guangdong province, you can sample a range of distinctive regional cuisines as well as experience the masters of Cantonese cuisine working magic with the wok. Further west, you will find fiery hot, tongue-numbing 'mala' dishes in Szechuan, and a melting pot of tribal cuisines in the neighbouring provinces. And this doesn't even include the delights you can create with the range of oyster and soy sauces that are staples of Chinese cooking everywhere.

Whether you are looking to experience the authentic tastes of renowned and well loved recipes across Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine, or in the mood to create a dish of your own with sauces that are staples of Chinese cooking, Asian Home Gourmet will have something to offer you. With Asian Home Gourmet's range of Cantonese and Szechuan products, bringing the delights of Chinese cuisine into your home has never been easier.


• No added MSG
• No added Preservatives
• No Artificial Colours
• Gluten Free

Safety Warning:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, use immediately.

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