Parsley Flakes 56.7g

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The justified popularity of parsley in the world is the result not only of its noble flavor but also its decorative properties. Use it as a garnish in some dishes and as a basic ingredient in butter based sauces, meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.

More Details:

Badia parsley flakes can add a distinct flavor and aroma to meat, poultry, fish and veggie dishes. This parsley seasoning is also a classic garnish that puts the finishing touches on your favorite recipes. The leaves of parsley are dried and chopped up fine. When making homemade rubs, these flakes will blend well with a wide range of savory mixtures.

Explore the large selection of spices, complete seasonings and ready-made blends from Badia to add to your kitchen staples for everyday cooking.


• Bright notes mixed with a fresh and grassy taste
• Gluten-free Badia seasoning
• Global popularity can be attributed to its rich flavor and decorative properties
• Use as a garnish and as a basic ingredient in butter-based sauces, meat, fish, poultry and vegetables
• Kosher

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