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Bear Beer Mix Lemon Pilsner 3 Pack (330ml per Can)

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Bear Beer Lemon/Pilsner is a traditional Radler drink containing a great mix of 60% lemon soft drink and 40% pilsner beer. The product has an alcohol volume of 2%.

More Details:

Brewing great beer is our passion, and we do it in accordance with proud traditions. There are countless methods of brewing beer and just as many opinions about what constitutes good brewing. The essential ingredients for brewing beer are malt, hops, yeast and water. Harboe's Brewery uses only the very best ingredients. This ensures uniform and high-quality products which Harboe is famous for.

We are constantly fine-tuning our production, producing new types of beer and expanding our product offering, but always keeping our honoured traditions in mind. We believe this is what constitutes good brewing.

Product of Denmark
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