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Hair Removal Wax

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BodyHonee Sugar Wax is the perfect all natural alternative for long-term hair removal. Our pure and naturally derived sugar and lemon formula is great for sensitive skin and the delicate areas of your body. The fragrance free formula is safe, easy to use, and effective. BodyHonee Sugar Wax is microwavable and rinses away quickly with water. Skin will look and feel irresistibly touchable!

BodyHonee Sugar Wax gives you instant smoothness that lasts up to 8 full weeks! Hair regrowth will appear slower, softer and finer than other hair removal methods. Wax grips hair, not skin, for more comfortable, more complete hair removal. BodyHonee Sugar Wax is easy to use, even if you're new to waxing.

BodyHonee Sugar Wax is made from pure, naturally derived ingredients. The hair removal strips and packaging are crafted from recyclable material for reduced environmental impact.

More Details:

- Hair Removal Wax (10 oz. / 283g.)
- 8 Waxing Strips
- 2 Wooden Spatulas


• Sugar wax kit made for men & women with fine to medium hair
• 30 second microwavable heating
• Water soluble (washes away with just water)
• Remain hair free for up to 8 weeks
• Water washable
• No messy cleaning
• No chemicals
• Non toxic
• No preservatives
• Responsibly and locally sourced ingredients
• Cruelty free

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Remove lid and entire safety seal from the container before microwaving. Let wax stand for a minimum of 1 minute in the microwave after heating and before attempting to remove. The plastic jar is designed only for use in the microwave. DO NOT USE IN CONVENTIONAL OR TOASTER OVENS. DO NOT APPLY DIRECT HEAT OR FLAME. DO NOT leave wax unattended while heating. Apply only one strip at a time and remove Bodyhonee Sugar Wax before proceeding to the next area. Wait 2 hours after taking a shower or bath before using Bodyhonee Sugar Wax. Do not use if you suffer from any medical condition that may be affected by compromised skin. Consult a doctor before use if you suffer from any skin related disorder, circulatory issues or diabetes. Do not use on compromised skin, or when undergoing Glycolic Acid, Retinol, or other dermatological treatments that sensitize and thin the skin. DO NOT USE on irritated, inflamed, chapped, sunburned or cut skin, or over moles or warts. Do not use on areas that have been waxed, tweezed, shaved or treated with cream hair removers in the last 24 hours. Avoid irritants such as very hot baths for 24 hours after application. Wait 24 hours before sunbathing or swimming. To avoid irritation, never reapply wax on the same area within a 24-hour period. Ingrown hairs sometimes result from hair removal. To accelerate the shedding of skin cells that may be locking in hairs, rub skin briskly with a loofah sponge or washcloth when showering. Always check hair's growth pattern before applying wax. Failure to remove hair usually indicates that you've pressed on or pulled off in the wrong direction or removed wax too slowly. Avoid getting wax on clothing, jewellery, carpeting and personal items. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in USA
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