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Old Tom Gin 700ml

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A high-strength, high-presentation-values, high-quality addition to the Old Tom scene, Both's looks gorgeous and has arrived at the potent strength of 47%. An older style, concentrated, floral gin with high residual sweetness.

More Details:

Both's Old Tom Gin is the only Old Tom which retains all the heritage of this classic gin, both in taste and structure. Its bottle is designed to mimic the 18th Century Both?s Old Tom Gin design. The label is made out of a felt like material, complete with reflective gold detailing which reflects the unique and historical nature of this gin. At 47% ABV it is the only Old Tom Gin which accurately reflects the exquisite gin of the 18th Century.

Although Old Tom Gin found its fame in the 18th Century, with the birth of London Dry Gin it became a sought after rarity due to its slightly sweeter taste than London Dry, but its crisper, drier taste than Dutch/Jenever Gin. Many people, such as Sir Winston Churchill, found London Dry Gin to be too dry and the Dutch Gin too sweet and so sought out something more balanced - hence why Old Tom is often referred to as The Missing Link. Today Old Tom Gin is a luxury gin due to this perfect balance between sweet and dry, making it the perfect gin for all occasions and cocktails.

Both's has a fairly subdued nose, with a slight sweetness and mild floral notes. In the mouth you get a strong fruity sweetness followed by an intense mixture of floral notes. Strong violet and lavender is noticeable, plus a sweetness and a mild juniper background. The fruit and floral notes linger in the sweet finish, and despite it being a hefty 47% ABV the gin remains relatively smooth on the finish. With few distilleries still making it, it has become a popular, albeit rare gin, much sought after by all connoisseurs - available for you at Urban Drinks!

Product of Germany
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