The heritage of the ARTISTRY brand started in the 1950's with an entrepreneurial husband and wife team who went beyond boundaries to bring together science, nutrition and art to inspire revolutionary beauty breakthroughs. Today, ARTISTRY is still leading the way with the most scientifically advanced beauty solutions making it one of the world's top five premium skincare brands. *

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2011, premium cosmetics and premium skincare category and subcategory; global 2010 value RSP.


From the rare fruits of the African plains to the potent botanicals of the Mediterranean shores, ARTISTRY finds the earth's prized ingredients for superior skincare and anti-aging treatments. The ingredients are then rigorously tested to deliver on what they promise.

African Boabab Fruit: Searching for the world's precious ingredients, ARTISTRY uncovered the rare extract from the African Baobab Fruit, rich in antioxidants and proven to protect skin's vibrancy.

Lifesirt Mediterranean Botanical: Imagining how to take anti-aging to new lengths, ARTISTRY brings LifeSirt, a life-extending Mediterranean botanical extract, to help skin resist the signs of aging and reprogram skin's future for a dramatically youthful look.

Micro-X6 Peptide: ARTISTRY invents what's next in anti-aging technology with the invention of our exclusive Micro-X6 Peptide, a hexapeptide that repairs skin protein damage. Its six amino acids increase natural collagen activity** and target wrinkles for smoother-looking skin now and into the future.


Our cosmetics offer advanced comprehensive foundation shades and modern, sophisticated color palettes. From skincare to color cosmetics, ARTISTRY discoveries bring your beauty forward, further than ever thought possible.

The inventive nature of his work brings to ARTISTRY the best, most forward-reaching technologies proven to make its beauty and skincare products highly effective.
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