Babo Botanicals

Brand Promise

• Pure Flower and Plant Extracts
• Sulfate Free
• Formaldehyde Free
• Paraben Free
• Phthalate Free
• Tear Free
• Allergy Tested
• Dermatologist Tested
• No Icky Chemicals
• No Synthetic Fragrances
• No Synthetic Colors
• Dairy & Soy Free
• No High Allergy Nut Oils
• Biodegradable Formulas
• Color Safe for Mom's Hair, too!
• Recyclable BPA-Free Packaging


"What goes on children's bodies should be as natural as what goes into their mouths." - Kate Solomon

With the launch of Babo Botanicals, my mission is to provide the highest quality, purest hair, scalp and skincare products for babies and kids. Both my personal and professional experiences have contributed to my inspiration for the line. After the birth of my first child and drawing on my 10 years of experience in product development for beauty companies such as L'Oreal, Parfums Givenchy and Avon, it seemed like most baby "grooming" products were long on chemical names and didn't truly address our children's particular hair and skin problems. I sought to develop a line of botanical products that offer parents the same level of choice they value in selecting products for themselves.

Beekeeping and the Peace Corps

I grew up beekeeping with my father and when I served in the U.S. Peace Corps in South America, I used that skill to teach rural, women farmers to bee keep so they could earn additional income and also serve their nutritional needs. Besides establishing a large colony of hives, we implemented an organic, agricultural project to bring new vegetables into the area to enhance the nutritional value of the local diet. Supporting sustainable, pesticide free agriculture continues to be my mission. For this reason, I selected an organic farm in upstate New York to produce the Babo Collection.

Fresh Solutions Based On Proven Plant Science

So, several years ago, I started down a path that would ultimately combine my expertise in prestige haircare development with my passion for natural ingredients. I began working with top botanists to develop a line of products that reflect the attributes I value and prefer for my own kids — sulfate free and allergy-tested, containing certified organic ingredients and plant-based science. I also worked with hair stylists from top Manhattan salons to ensure product performance and professional quality.
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