Makeup Forever

Dany Sanz, the revelation of an asserted personality.

Bubbling over with creativity, Dany Sanz got an early start in the art world and the night world, populated with colourful characters. For this former fine arts student, her calling became clear when some friends asked her to do the makeup for a show. With her committed and generous attitude, and perfect mastery of shapes and interplays of shadow and light, she put all of her energy into the first body paintings. She was one of the creators of this movement, which she considers to be a means of artistic expression in itself.
Backstage, she stole the spotlight with her makeup creations that caught the eye of professionals worldwide. The media began to focus on this artist with such an electric temperament.
A professor at heart, she created the first professional makeup school in Europe in the 70s. It met with great success due to the quality of the teaching, the excellence of the makeup techniques that she taught and the special relationship that she nurtured with her students.
Avant-garde, creative and a pioneer of makeup, Dany Sanz decided to formulate textures to compensate for the limited professional product offer at the time. Dany Sanz’s life would be makeup… forever.

When she realised that her formulas were increasingly appreciated, Dany Sanz felt that the moment had come to create her own brand. Her renowned product expertise and her intuition for development were her best allies.
In 1984, MAKE UP FOR EVER was created. Professor in a makeup school by day, Dany Sanz spent her nights creating new formulas for products that she packaged in her famous “cellar”, the basement of the future boutique at 5 rue La Boétie in the 8th district of Paris. Between makeup lessons at the school, and helped by her students, she packaged her products there. This legendary site is now a meeting spot for the makeup artists of Paris and all over the world. In this special place, they find products adapted to their needs. They meet here and spend hours in this sanctuary of creation.

With success came new responsibilities for Dany Sanz who became both a makeup creator and a company director, along with her husband Jacques Waneph. The production soon took off with the opening of a first factory near Paris. The colours, pigments and other palettes could now be distributed on a wide scale. MAKE UP FOR EVER travelled the world over. Its ambassadors were Dany Sanz’s former makeup students, now back at home in Korea, China, Europe, the United States and in 50 other countries!
This community created a network with deep roots, faithful to Dany Sanz and fervent users of her products. MAKE UP FOR EVER made its home in the four corners of the planet, with Paris as its epicentre.
In 1999, the Brand joined the prestigious French group LVMH, which gave it the means to accelerate its development and renown on an international level. Nicolas Cordier, named CEO in 2004, formed a complementary and dynamic duo with Dany Sanz. Using the recipe that worked so well for Fashion and Couture brands, they worked as a “manager/creator” team, allowing the brand to develop while respecting its roots. As Artistic Director, Dany Sanz remained in charge of creation and attentive to the needs of professional makeup artists. She maintained control over all of the product development, the visual identity of the brand and the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY network. Her direct impulse acted as a commercial development engine, directed by Nicolas Cordier. The close partnership between the two paved the way for new perspectives of the brand amongst the public, while reinforcing its Pro identity.

The products now appealed to a wide public. Their reputation for excellence preceded them and customers wanted them for personal use. Like makeup artists, the public was won over by MAKE UP FOR EVER due to the high technology and quality of its formulas. MAKE UP FOR EVER customers are always demanding and well-informed, whether they are professionals or not.
On sale in department stores in the early 90s, in Asia and then in Europe, MAKE UP FOR EVER has also been present at Sephora since 1996. The brand’s product lines became more accessible and the professional ranges developed further. Going incognito at the Sephora store of the Champs Elysées, Dany Sanz admits that she even kissed her first customers on the cheeks! Happy yet humble in the face of success, she was delighted that customers were purchasing her products…
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