Max Factor is a brand with a strong heritage rooted in make-up artistry. It was founded over one hundred years ago by Mr Max Factor, a leading make-up artist with a passion for creating innovative products that enabled women to achieve their glamour potential.

We believe that with the right products and make-up artistry skills any woman can be glamorous.


For Max Factor, make-up has always been a passion. Mr Max Factor was a Russian emigre who made a name for himself as Golden Hollywood's leading make-up artist. He created looks for some of the 20th century's biggest screen icons such as Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich. But his passion didn't stop with celebrities; Max Factor believed glamour should be within reach of all women. So he began making innovative products that everyday women could transform themselves with. He created the first mascara wand, the first foundation, and coined the term "make-up". This dedication to helping all women realize their glamour potential is something that endures at Max Factor today. Because glamour is not something you're born with, it's something you create.
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