Giorgiomaria Del Papa, is the creator of OLIVELLA® .

His goal is to help everyone realize their most healthy and beautiful selves. While working in the family business (one of the largest Olive Oil industries in Europe) he quickly realized how many of the very top brands in the cosmetic industry were buying Olive Oil by-products from his family, such as squalene and vitamins. After a period of research Giorgiomaria realized other uses for olive oil. So he and his team decided to start something that would allow clients to receive the benefits of this green gold (Olive Oil) through their skin. He created the Mediterranean Diet for the Skin by going back in history and discovering that the Greeks, Romans and many other cultures had used Olive Oil for soap.

By joining forces with the Istituto Acidi Grassi in Milan and Olivella, THE ONE & ONLY 100% Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care Line was formed, giving consumers a line of products that could clean their skin better while providing incredible nourishment, moisture and healing effects against eczema, psoriasis and even reduce anti-cancer cells production.

Umbria Olii International has been producing and marketing olive oil around the world for more than three generations - makers of the well known brand Del Papa 100% Virgin Olive Oil, based in Campello, in the region of Umbria known as the Green Heart of Italy.

Our natural skincare products are created from the raw materials and high quality ingredients extracted during our olive oil refining process. This is the foundation for all of our Skin Care Products.

Olivella is a full range of skincare resources, rich in olive oil triglycerides, thus enhancing the benefits we provide our clients. We patented the industrial manufacturing process of our line. In addition, continual research is an important aspect of our business and so we have partnered with the "Istituto Sperimentale Acidi Grassi" in Milan.

Because the Olivella Line is made with 100% Virgin Olive Oil, it is considered the "natural Mediterranean diet" for your skin.

Be your best you, LIVE OLIVELLA.
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