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Why choose Seki Edge?

So many choices! So unique! So cool!
Beautifully designed, high quality stainless steel beauty and grooming tools
Eyelash curlers, nail clippers, tweezers, men's grooming tools and more
#1 sellers on for fingernail and toenail clippers!

The Situation
As much as we'd like to wake up looking perfect every day, we could all use a little help in the beauty department from time to time. But poor quality grooming tools are barely worth the money you spend on them. The beautifully designed, high quality beauty and grooming tools from Seki Edge will have you proud to use every tool in your box.

The Lowdown
In the small town of Seki City, buried in the central mountains of Japan, there's a rich history of samurai sword making, dating back to the 13th century. Though swords are no longer made in the area, descendants of those samurai-makers are proud to use their long history of craftsmanship to make beauty and grooming tools today. At Seki Edge, all products are made with this Japanese technique, incorporating modern ergonomic design and style into every tool. Who says a grooming tool has to be boring or unattractive? Nail clippers, tweezers, eyelash curlers, extractors, grooming kits and more – you name the tool and Seki Edge likely has a beautifully designed version for you! As the #1 seller on for fingernail and toenail clippers, Seki Edge knows what they're doing, and they've received accolades from major magazines like Lucky, Marie Claire, Glamour, Self and more to prove it. Seki's products also stand up to everyday use, making for products that last and don't need to be replaced. For attractive beauty and grooming tools that get the job done, Seki's got the edge.

SEKI EDGE is a collection of world class beauty implements made by the finest craftsman in Seki, Japan. From nail clippers, tweezers, eyelash curlers, scissors, callus files, and extractors, there is something for everyone! At Seki Edge, we stay on the cutting edge in functionality and design keeping you groomed and beautiful.

The story of Seki Edge begins back in the 13th century in Seki City, a small city in the central mountains of Japan. Due to its rich natural resources, abundant materials, and ideal conditions such as pine charcoal for kilns, blade soil, good quality water, and a water transport system, a master sword smith named Motoshige chose Seki as the ideal place to produce samurai swords for the region.

Today, Seki Edge takes on the same "Bushido" approach to manufacturing. The city of Seki is world famous for manufacturing the finest cutlery, knives, razors and grooming tools. Today, we have taken on a modern approach to manufacturing without losing our roots of craftsmanship and perfection. ??In today's manufacturing age, the focus is on large volumes and inexpensive production. Quality has been long forgotten. We believe the market is demanding more than just a cheaper price tag. We create quality and innovative tools that respond to your needs.

Despite increasing demands to increase production, we are still committed to the philosophy of hand craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We will not forget our roots in exchange for bigger profits. We are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards in every step of production. We are also committed to leading the industry in new and innovative tools every year.

While sword making is no longer being practiced in Seki, the descendants of the sword making craftsmen are expanding upon their sword-making skills and techniques by incorporating modern manufacturing technologies and materials to today's cutlery and razor edge tools. Mr. Kiyoshi Ishida, the founder of Green Bell and the sole manufacturer of Seki Edge products, is a descendant of these ancient artisans.

This rich heritage and reputation for high quality is behind every Seki Edge beauty and grooming tool. The Seki Edge name is a guarantee superior quality and performance. Seki Edge separates itself from other implements in the marketplace by embracing its long history of Japanese skill and craftsmanship, while incorporating modern technology, the benefits of ergonomic design, and their flare for fashion and style in every Seki Edge tool made.

Today, new items that are innovative in function and design are being developed at an unprecedented rate. Seki Edge continues to look toward the future to provide consumers with the opportunity to experience the Seki Edge. So the next time you buy a nail clipper, tweezer, make-up scissor and other beauty implements, make sure it is a Seki Edge tool. Enjoy!
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