About Stiefel

For more than 165 years, Stiefel has remained a pioneering force in the pursuit of tomorrow's skin health solutions.

With local operations in 132 countries, Stiefel is a global leader in the field of dermatology. Stiefel is renowned for its more than 165-year legacy of innovation in the field of skin health, utilising a combination of expertise, enthusiasm and imagination to deliver the highest quality, most effective prescription and over-the-counter skin care products available.

What We Do

- Consult with patients and dermatologists to understand skin health needs so that we can focus our efforts on products that make a difference
- Apply resourcefulness and networking qualities toward the relentless pursuit of solution-oriented results
- Advance our dermatology pipeline and delivery technologies with secured R&D capabilities through GSK
- Discover new and innovative dermatological treatment solutions by reviewing the 2 million molecules that GSK screens each year.
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