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Natural Wool 3-4 Sea Sponge

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California Baby Natural "Wool" Sea Sponge is by far the most luxurious of natural sponges. It is the softest, most pliable and absorbent sponge available. Wet it and it becomes fluffy and amazingly soft (can be compared to silk). It's very durable and inhibits the growth of bacteria unlike washcloths and artificial sponges. California Baby Natural "Wool" Sea Sponges are sustainably harvested from a renewable source; they will vary slightly in size, shape and color.

More Details:

This extra soft sponge makes bath time quick and easy. Perfectly sized for newborns on up. A squirt of our Bodywash or Bubble Bath is all it takes to make mounds of soft silky foam, which means you'll conserve on product! Help your toddler build independence skills and your reward is cooperation; put your little one in charge of washing their body and limbs and you take care of the hard part: hair and face.


• Sustainably harvested
• Renewable resource
• Super soft when wet
• Durable & long-lasting

Made in USA
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