Citrus Magic

Triple Action Moisture and Odor Absorber Fresh Citrus 3 Pack (362g per pack)

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Volume: 362 grams
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Citrus Magic Triple Action absorbs moisture, foul odors and freshens the air. Citrus Magic's unique packaging technology features multiple chambers for the moisture absorber, odor absorber and the air freshener. The Citrus Magic Triple Action is ideal for anywhere humidity, excess moisture and odor are a problem. Prefect for bathrooms, closets, basements, and much more. Use the proven power of citrus throughout your home. Citrus Magic strives to maintain the highest level of natural possible while still creating effective cleaning products for the home.


• Moisture and odor absorber that helps freshen the air
• Moisture absorbing crystals "pull" excess moisture from the air and deposit in the bottom chamber
• Active citrus ingredients project a clean, natural scent into the air for up to 8 weeks
• Prefect for bathrooms, closets, basements, and much more
• Use the power of citrus to freshen the air in your home

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