Del Destino

Non Pareil Capers 3 Pack (907g per bottle)

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Volume: 907 grams
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Non-Pareil Capers are hand picked from desert shrubs along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. The non-pareil caper is the smallest and most famous caper variety. Their savory pungent flavors make them an excellent addition to traditional Mediterranean recipes, including veal, fish and chicken dishes.

More Details:

Non-Pareil Capers are small, round, immature flower buds with a sharp piquant flavor, which have been pickled, bottled & packed in brine.


• Del Destino Caper's Non Pareil are the pickled buds of the caper bush
• Salty, fresh and delicious, use capers to add contrast to foie gras, smoked salmon, pates, and more

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