The End to Cellulite AM/PM

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Introducing Finulite, the latest breakthrough in cellulite reduction. Finulite cellulite cream is an AM/PM skin care system formulated to treat cellulite continuously, 24-hours a day. This unique 2-part system contains powerful fat burning and skin tightening ingredients. Detoxifies targeted areas - increases rate of lipolysis, improves circulation, and helps eliminate water retention (diuretic). Prevents and protects - boosts production of collagen to renew and restore skin's elasticity. The combined result is visibly toned skin with a reduction in the lumps and dimples associated with cellulite. Use Finulite as part of your weight loss regimen to help reduce cellulite and assist with fat loss. This comprehensive skin care system fights both the causes and effects of cellulite, to help you achieve visible, lasting results. Finulite's arsenal of cellulite-fighting ingredients now includes the following patented cutting-edge cosmeceuticals: Theophyllisilane C, Hydroxyprosilane CN, Slimbuster-L, Melscreen Coffee and NG Darutoside.


• Finulite cellulite cream is an AM/PM skin care system - designed to work continuously, 24-hours a day
• 2-part formula targets the causes of cellulite while progressively reducing its effects
• Transforms your body into a cellulite-burning furnace
• Destroys fat cells and prevents the buildup/accumulation of new ones
• Boosts production of collagen to restore firmness and elasticity
• Clinically proven ingredients effectively fight cellulite AND stretch marks
• Hydroxyprosilane-CN & Darutoside repairs and renews for lasting results
• Theophyssilane-C, Slimbuster-L & Melscreen Coffee dramatically enhance lipolysis, breaking down and shrinking fat   cells faster than ever before

Made in Germany
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