Rose Water Hydrator Spray

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Frownies Hydrating Spray compliments the pH balance of the skin, helps reduce the appearance of pore size, and plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Rose Water from essential oil of rose is an antibacterial wrinkle treatment and helps prevent blemishes on the skin.

The anti-aging benefits of the rosewater and hyaluronic acid are a wonderfully refreshing pick up after exercising, during air travel or anytime a warm dry environment threatens to dehydrate and age your skin.

Frownies Rose Water Hydrating Spray can be used throughout the day to refresh the face and neck or as a anti-wrinkle treatment. Carry it in your hand bag and freshen the face as needed. Not just another toner or water spray "Beautiful Skin in a Bottle

More Details:

Wrinkle Treatment

Frownies Rose Water Spray was created to enhance the effectiveness of Frownies Facial Patches (FBE) & (CEM). Rose Water Hydrating Spray is used to add a treatment to the skin and activate the back of the night time Facial Patches. Rose Water Spray will also keep the Under Eye Patches moist and active for storage and repeat use.

Refresh Eye Gels

Wet the Eye Gels in the tray for storage between usage with Frownies Rose Water Hydrating Spray. Other toners may dissolve the gel patch.

Made in USA
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