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Fitella Red Cocktail 6 Pack (31g per Pack)

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A fruit and vegetable cocktail with flax seeds is a healthy portion for your body enclosed in a sachet. The Red Cocktail is a unique composition of vegetables (beet), fruit (strawberry, aronia, pomegranate, apple, banana) flax seeds, which are a substitute for fresh home-made smoothies.

For the production of a cocktail (36g) only fresh vegetables and fruits (230g) were used. The cocktail is ready for consumption in 3 minutes, just add water or classic or vegetable milk to have a healthy snack with a natural taste. You can take a handy sachet with you wherever you go.

More Details:

A star among dietetic ingredients that gives a feeling of fullness, lowers cholesterol and removes harmful substances from the body. The respondents also prove that it positively affects the quality of sleep. Eat and sleep well!

A private bodyguard for your digestive system. It is worth remembering about it in the anti-biotic treatment. Prevents colds, regenerates the skin and lowers blood sugar. How would you employ such a bodyguard? :)

When the pressure leaps and your face turns red like a beetroot, it's good to taste this vegetable! Famous for its main role in borscht, the plant lowers blood pressure, cleanses and contains lots of vitamins. Like an ordinary beetroot, yet with a rich interior, does not it?

Its shape resembles the heart and among other things, because in some countries it is considered the best aphrodisiac! Strawberries have more vitamin C than lemon and thanks to the high iron content they refresh the complexion and hair! Let the health for dessert!

One of the healthiest fruit in the world, a real vitamin bomb - aronia. It prevents the aging of the body, immunizes the harmful effects of UV rays and reduces stress! Maybe a common chillout? ;)

Attention, attention, a vitamin explosion will occur for 3 ..., 2 ..., 1 ...
The vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E and K included in the pomegranate will strengthen immunity, support the healing of infection and wound healing, as well as they lower the level of bad cholesterol. Ready for detonation?

C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, A, D, K, E - yes, yes, all these vitamins you will find in the apple! This fruit contains almost all vitamins, does not fuse, improves concentration and strengthens bones. Maybe apple?

One of the oldest and most popular fruits, especially in the athletes' environment. One banana will provide you with energy for an intense 45-minute workout and thanks to organic chemicals will improve your mood! Banana on the face guaranteed!

Product of Poland
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