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Fitella Strawberry Oatmeal 2 Pack (50g per Pack)

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Oatmeal with milk and raspberries is a moment of pleasure without remorse closed in a sachet. Fitella porridge with milk and raspberries is ideal for a healthy breakfast or a healthy, dietary snack between meals. It contains oat grains, which are a source of beneficial fiber, and thus gives a feeling of fullness for longer. The addition of strawberries provides its unique, summer flavor.

More Details:

A star among dietetic ingredients that gives a feeling of fullness, lowers cholesterol and removes harmful substances from the body. The respondents also prove that it positively affects the quality of sleep. Eat and sleep well!

Full Grain
The Fitella product has kept everything that is the best from nature. It is in the husk of grain that there are the most vitamins and minerals - a natural good for you. The special grain milling process keeps all of its nutritional values so that products containing whole grains are so valued by consumers

It contains all, literally all necessary nutrients for humans, i.e. proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It smoothes the skin, reduces stress and helps shape muscles. Thanks to him, more difficult sentences become a milk porridge!

Its shape resembles the heart and among other things, because in some countries it is considered the best aphrodisiac! Strawberries have more vitamin C than lemon and thanks to the high iron content they refresh the complexion and hair! Let the health for dessert!

Product of Poland
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