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Goo.N Slim Pants Diaper XL 3 Pack (42's per Pack)

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Goo.N's absorbent soft woven inner layers and breathable backsheet keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable. Goo.N's pillowy soft sheets gently, yet securely, cover your baby's sensitive bottom. And the slim diaper provides a great fit for your baby's legs.

The 14 cute animal designs on the diaper make it more attractive and appealing to both mothers and children. The super absorbent pad securely traps up to 5 times its weigh in liquid, keeping it from leaking or getting on your baby's skin.

More Details:

Goo.N means to grow up well and actively in Japanese. To provide babies with the most suitable products at different stages has been the prior principle of Goo.N. Since developing the Goo.N brand, Daio people have been unceasing in the quest to improve the functions of disposable diapers; as a result, the Goo.N nappy has been rated by mothers nationwide in Japan as the gentlest and softest disposable nappy compared to other Japanese and American brands. It is regarded as the best nappy to protect babies from skin rash.


• Baby's skin always stay dry and clean with less irritation
• Slim diaper is tender to the touch, like cotton underwear
• Cute animal designs
• The super absorbent pad offer long-lasting protection against leakage

Product of Japan
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