Unflavored Gelatin Mix 2 Pack (28g per Box)

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This Knox Original Unflavored Gelatine comes in a 4-count box of 1-oz envelopes. It has just five calories per serving and zero carbs, so it's a good choice if you're trying to eat healthier or reduce your sugar intake.

Knox Original Gelatine is a low-fat and low-sodium option for holding together yummy desserts like cheesecake or molded gelatin shapes. Mix it with fruit juice to make colorful Knox Blox snacks. It's also a handy way to thicken a smoothie without adding ice that waters down the drink. This is a handy addition to the kitchen of the well-equipped cook, as it has been for over 100 years.


• Endless versatility; use it for desserts, jams and jellies, salads and more
• Colorless and unflavored, so it won't affect the taste or color of your recipe
• Only 5 calories and 0g carbs per serving
• Sugar-free
• Fat-free

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