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Aqua Eyes

P 1,700.00
SKU: KY006459
Select Shade: 
  • 0L Matte Black
  • 21L Dark Gray
  • 2L Pearly Brown
  • 1L Star Black
  • 3L Iridescent Navy Blue
  • 4L Shimmering Plum
  • 5L Bronze Green
  • 6L Black with Purple Highlights
  • 7L Turquoise
  • 8L Silver
  • 9L Gold
  • 10L Copper
  • 11L Purple
  • 12L Blue with Green Highlights
  • 13L Fuchsia Pink
  • 14L White
  • 15L Majorelle Blue
  • 16L Green
  • 17L Pistachio
  • 18L Burgundy
  • 19L Light Brown
  • 20L Green Forest
  • 22L Grey
  • 23L Champagne
  • 24L Taupe
  • 25L Matte Brown
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Creamy, long-lasting eye liner for intense non-stop color.

More Details:

This highly pigmented waterproof, smudge- and fade-resistant eyeliner is formulated to glide on effortlessly and withstand the most extreme conditions. It stays put on eyelids without melting for precise application and intense color throughout the day. Aqua Eyes doubles as a shadow - just smudge it out.

Safety Warning:

Never use if your eye is injured, irritated or infected. Consult an eye doctor immediately in case of injury. Always handle and apply in a careful and sanitary manner. Do not add anything to the liner or share with others.

Made in USA
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