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Aqua XL Color Paint Extra Long Lasting Waterproof Shadow

P 2,000.00
SKU: KY008116
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  • I-42 Iridescent Copper Gold
  • I-50 Iridescent Warm Beige
  • L-54 Lustrous Taupe
  • M-10 Matte Black
  • M-16 Matte white
  • I-12 Iridescent Steel Grey
  • L-14 Lustrous White
  • M-20 Matte Ultramarine Blue
  • L-22 Lustrous Dark Blue
  • M-24 Matte Turquoise
  • L-30 Lustrous Khaki
  • M-40 Matte Yellow
  • M-52 Matte Beige
  • M-56 Matte Taupe
  • M-60 Matte Brown
  • M-70 Matte Orange
  • M-72 Matte Red
  • I-80 Iridescent Pink Beige
  • M-82 Matte Fushia
  • M-90 Matte Purple
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A waterproof cream eyeshadow, that guarantees an extra strong color for 24h!

AQUA XL COLOR PAINT is waterproof gel-cream shadow with a 24-hour-lasting color impact in an effortless glide.

This athleisure color collection offers 20 waterproof shadow shades, from nude to flashy, with a variety of finishes such as matte, lustrous and iridescent. Inspired by gouache tubes, its beveled applicator provides a full color impact in an effortless glide.

The gel-cream texture, easy to apply, provides effective blendability and higher application playtime for 24-hour lasting. AQUA XL COLOR PAINT packaging is completely airtight, with a thin orifice that prevents texture from drying.

Made in USA
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