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Aqua XL Eye Pencil

P 1,750.00
SKU: KY008017
Select Shade: 
  • D-12 Diamond Black
  • M-60 Matte Dark Brown
  • M-10 Matte Black
  • M-14 Matte charcoal grey
  • M-16 Matte white
  • S-20 Satiny navy blue
  • M-22 Matte Majorelle Blue
  • I-24 Iridescent Blue with green sparkles
  • M-26 Matte Pastel Blue
  • M-30 Matte Pastel Green
  • I-32 Iridescent Lagoon Green
  • I-34 Iridescent Pop Green
  • I-36 Iridescent Khaki
  • M-40 Matte Pastel Yellow
  • ME-42 Metallic Bronze
  • S-50 Satiny Taupe
  • D-62 Diamond Brown
  • M-80 Matte Plum
  • I-90 Iridescent Pop Purple
  • M-92 Matte Pastel Purple
  • S-21 Satiny Night blue
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This innovative formula offers extra long-last, ultra-pigmented colors and easy application, with an amazingly smooth glide.

The line is super-precise and ultra-resistant, while the creamy texture blends easily with a brush for a soft, blurry finish. Choose your shade from five XL finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic or diamond.

Made in France
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