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Refill Artist Shadow Iridescent Finish

P 1,425.00
SKU: KY010687
Select Shade: 
  • I-112 Chrome
  • I-120 Snow Gray
  • I-210 Light Turquoise
  • I-212 Periwinkle
  • I-220 Sapphire
  • I-238 Blue Cedar
  • I-300 Pine Green
  • I-318 Linen Khaki
  • I-324 Bronze Khaki
  • I-328 Bronze
  • I-330 Linden Green
  • I-332 Meadow Green
  • I-340 Lime Green
  • I-412 Wheat
  • I-414 Yellow Ivory
  • I-508 Olive Beige
  • I-514 Pink Ivory
  • I-520 Pinky Sand
  • I-524 Pinky Beige
  • I-526 Pearl Beige
  • I-528 Pearl
  • I-538 Pearly Gray Beige
  • I-542 Pinky Clay
  • I-544 Pink Granite
  • I-550 Olive Gray
  • I-606 Pinky Earth
  • I-628 Reptile
  • I-634 Praline
  • I-648 Golden Fawn
  • I-662 Amber Brown
  • I-702 Mahogany
  • I-722 Mandarin
  • I-724 Rust
  • I-730 Pumpkin
  • I-736 Copper Red
  • I-746 Watermelon
  • I-752 Electric Coral
  • I-802 Coral Pink
  • I-804 Golden Pink
  • I-808 English Pink
  • I-824 Ocher Pink
  • I-834 Grape
  • I-838 Slate Pink
  • I-858 Flamingo
  • I-864 Baby Pink
  • I-872 Pearly Pink
  • I-902 Quartz
  • I-916 Fosted Mauve
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With high blendability and intense colour pay off, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow Refill Iridescent Finish will make a great addition to any makeup collection.

Infused with a subtle shimmer, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow Refill Iridescent Finish will make the eyes sparkle. Formulated with a soft texture that glides smoothly over the lid, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow Refill Iridescent Finish creates a gorgeous and glistening look, that’s easy to achieve

More Details:

You can use several shade tons at a time, just remember that the color must intensify from the inside of the envelope to the outer edge. The color of the shade should be chosen according to the situation (it is better to give preference to pastel colors during the day, and more vivid colors can be used in the evening).


• Dark, muted colors - brown, olive (light green), plum (dark purple) create a sophisticated look. Such colors are suitable for dark-skinned.
• Pastel colors - blue, green, peach - create a delicate image and are suitable for blues, blueberries.
• Pale, pearl white - highlights and helps to visually enlarge the eyes.
• Gentle colors - gray, sand and sage - create a natural impression.
• Bright colors - blue, green, yellow, purple - suitable for experimenting. They should be used carefully and create appropriate transitions.

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in USA
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