Maltesers Fairtrade Fun Size 144g

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Volume: 144 grams
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Maltesers have a light honeycomb centre encased in tasty chocolate. Maltesers are a little bit of naughtiness, but with a light hearted personality and a lot of fun. Mars Chocolate is the home of some of the world's favourite brands: chocolate classics like Mars, Snickers, M&M's and Maltesers, and many are also available as tasty ice creams. For every one of Mars' brands they are committed to offering good tasting products that give pleasure. This is done by using quality ingredients and by employing the high standards of quality control. They also believe in the importance of consumer choice, which is why a diverse range of products are offered, enabling the consumers to choose the product and portion size that is right for them and their families.


onsists of a roughly spherical malt honeycomb centre
Surrounded by milk chocolate
Fairtrade, Kosher - KLBD-D certified
Suitable for vegetarians

Product of USA
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