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MC SPA technology is use the electricity theory of the same polar ion reject ,opposed polar ion attract.When apply active essence /lotion /cream with positive ion,use the MC SPA positive polar to penetrate the essence /lotion/ cream into deep skin through sweat glands/pores.cells inter -place.And use direct electricity enhance skin absorb,to beautify skin .The micro current adapted is low and safe to human body ,when direct electricity come across something contains acid and salt liquor ,chemical reaction happens.The same way,when direct electricity go throught human body chemical reaction happens.MC SPA use micro current technology to penertrate essence /loction/scream ,and leading out impurity from deep skin.

More Details:

Positive polar
Penetrate alkaline liquor into skin ,acid reaction happens,clam nerve,reduce blood supply,strong skin fiber tissue,shrink pores,reduce inflammation.

Negative polar
Penetrate acid liquor into skin,alkaline reaction happens,stimulate nerve,increase blood supply,soft skin fiber tissue,stimulate dry skin blood circulation.


• It helps to rejuvenate skin
• It helps to tighten and lift skin
• It helps to balance skin PH level

Safety Warning:

• Use low intense to treat thin skin place, and sensitive place like eyes contour, and middle intense to treat thin normal place like face. High intense to treat thick skin place like back leg, arm, elbow.
• Do not stay the MC SPA head in one place for long time
• Take off metal/jewelry when you are using this MC SPA treatment
• Do not apply this on wound area
• Use it every two days

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