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Parsley Flakes 7g

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An extremely common herb, parsley is used all over the world in almost any kind of savory dish. Popular for its distinct and pleasant freshness, McCormick Parsley Flakes add flavor as a garnish or as an essential component of a dish. Sprinkle over scrambled or deviled eggs, or your favorite spaghetti recipes. Or stir parsley into chicken or potato salads. For such an important herb, turn to the high quality and freshness of McCormick Parsley Flakes.

More Details:

The most popular and versatile herb, parsley originated in the eastern Mediterranean but is now grown in England, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Of the many varieties grown, the curly leafed type is most popular in North American. Parsley has an agreeable taste and a pleasant mild odor. It blends well with all other herbs. It is used for both eye and taste appeal in many foods. McCormick retains parsley's characteristic flavor and green color by a quick drying process.


• Pleasant, mild flavor with delicately herby notes
• Premium quality for pure, superior flavor
• Fresh flavor guarantee that delivers bold taste every time
• Common garnish for all types of dishes across all types of cuisines
• Sprinkle over vegetable, pasta, or fish dishes

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