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Red Wine Vinegar 2 Pack (500ml per pack)

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Red wine vinegar branded Mengazzoli is produced through the expert selection and mixing of wines, according to the same old techniques. It is remarkable for its fragrance and consistent taste. Red wine vinegar. 6 percent acetic acid.Vinegar manufacturing in Mantua Italy dates back generations as vinegar-making families with a centuries-old expertise have handed down thisknowledgefrom father to son. A careful wine selection and an ancient craft method called "natural slow-chip fermentation" assure and enhance the extraordinary quality and aroma of this vinegar which gives the product its peculiar characteristics. The presence of any possible sediment on the bottom of the bottle proves natural aging.For enhancing an exotic cuisine reach for the best.Ingredients: red wine vinegar. Contains sulphites. Product of Italy

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Since 1962 the company has been in the food industry producing vinegars under the brand Mengazzoli, but its origin is more remote and comes from an age-old experience, passed down from generation to generation by the vinegar manufacturers of Mantua. Today, with our experience, saving the traditional and handicraft nature of this job and with the contribution of the new technologies, we can offer wine vinegars that have been produced from the natural slow traditional chip fermentation method in wood barrels.


Red wine vinegar.
6 percent acetic acid.
Contains sulphites.
Product of Italy

Product of Italy
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