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Wild Collection Hawkridge Body Wash 3 Pack (473ml per Bottle)

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That's because Wild has been crafted with natural ingredients in mind to leave you smelling and feeling great all over.

Prepare to be kissed on the beak of man power.

When your body flesh is covered in Hawkridge Body Wash, there is nothing for women to do but smell the tingly freedom song of a raptor lullaby and accept that science cannot explain the feeling in their hearts.

For Guys with Swift Minds.

For a scent experience as rich and complex as a gilded Rube Goldberg machine, try the Hawkridge collection in its entirety: Invisible Solid Anti-perspirant & Deodorant, Deodorant, Body Wash, and Body Spray.

More Details:

Old Spice Men's Body Wash cleans skin and throws odor out on its ear. Put a small amount in your hand, loofah or washcloth in the shower, work up a lather, and use to clean your body. Deep in every man, beneath the people clothes and remembering how to drive, beats the heart of a wild animal. Old Spice Wild Collection taps into that animal magnetism and unleashes the power of a beast in his element. Hawkridge scent is for the swift of mind and fleet of foot, or those who enjoy the smells of sandalwood, vanilla, and chocolate. Old Spice Men's Body Wash drop-kicks dirt and odor for you, so you can focus on higher pursuits like closing deals or teaching dolphins to speak. Win the battle of natural selection: out-compete your enemies, attract nearby females, and answer the smell of the wild.


• Hawkridge outwits unsuspecting stink with its sandalwood and vanilla scent
• Step out of the shower fresher and manlier than ever
• Protects against odor and cleans away dirt
• Answer the smell of the wild with Old Spice Wild Collection

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