Baby dry Diapers 2 Pack (68's Large per pack)

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Behind every next step is a DRY night in All-New Pampers Baby Dry, with up to 12 hours of Skin Dryness, now with STRETCHY TAPES!
All-new Pampers Baby Dry with Magic Gel absorbs and locks in up to 7 wettings so baby stays dry from night until morning. Thats up to 12 hours of complete sleep for baby, so he can wake up ready for his many firsts!

More Details:

A touch of Gentle Care and Nourishment for Your Little One Pampers diaper pants is designed to make your baby will laugh and play in comfort. This diaper is infused with baby lotion which moisturizes and nourishes your baby's skin. The moisturising effect also helps protect your child from rashes and skin irritation problems. Magic gel layer is a new technology which helps these baby diaper pants effectively absorb up to 6 glasses of fluid from the surface of the diaper thereby protecting your baby's delicate skin.


• Recommended Age: Newborn and above
• Weight Capacity: 9-14 kg
• Wide ultra absorb layer
• 12 hour overnight protection
• Special Product Feature: Magic Gel

Safety Warning:

Avoid direct contact of tapes with babys skin. To avoid any danger of suffocation and strangulation, keep this plastic bag and handle away from babies and children.

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