Radical Organics Simply Salted Toasted Coconut Chips 2 Pack (80g per Pack)

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When you want the goodness of organic coconut with no sugar added you need grab our Simply Salted Coconut Chips. All the benefits of the dietary fiber and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) of all our coconut chips with none of the sugar. Light, crisp and salty our Simply Salted Coconut Chips are so satisfying you will wonder why you ever thought you needed sugar. Making a better coconut chip start by choosing organically grown coconuts that are then processed and dried without adding any sulfites (most coconut has sulfites added during processing).

More Details:

Our Simply Salted Coconut chips use only sea salt, which includes many trace minerals that conventional salts leave out. Also the larger crystal structure of sea salt means that it is easier to taste so you get all the flavor while using less salt. We use precision tools to slice the coconut meat thinly and evenly ensuring that all the chips are dried to our precise level of crispiness.

The chips are then packed in pure nitrogen to give them a shelf life of two years without any preservatives. Even the bag is carefully designed as a zero transfer barrier to prevent any water molecules from entering and making the chips soggy over time. At each step in the process we have gone way beyond "normal" and each improvement adds up to a chip that is the best nature and science can make it.

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