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Ritz Crackers

Crisp & Thins Bacon Flavor Chips 6 Pack (201g per pack)

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Ritz Crisp & Thins Chips are light chips that are oven baked, not fried, with a crispy, thin shape and an irresistible crunch. A delicious snack that brings a touch of glamor to any situation, whether you're snacking alone or sharing these delicious chips with others. Oven baked to perfection, Ritz Crisp & Thins are available in four tantalizingly tasty flavors: Sea Salt, Cream Cheese and Onion, Bacon and Salt & Vinegar.


Ritz Crisp & Thins Chips are the perfect crispy snack and come in flavors that you love.
Enjoy the light and tasty crunch of Ritz Crisp & Thins Chips with mouthwatering Bacon flavor.
They're perfect for every occasion - whether you're snacking alone or sharing with others.
These light chips are baked, not fried, and have 50% less fat than the leading fried potato chips.
This includes six 7.1oz bags of Ritz Crisp & Thins Bacon flavor Chips.

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