Premium Organic Garbanzo Beans 3 Pack (439g Per Can)

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Volume: 1317 grams
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Enhance the nutritional power of your daily meals with these S&W: Organic Premium Garbanzo Beans. They can be used in a wide variety of ways such as hearty curries, tasty homemade hummus for dipping vegetables and chips or simply add them to a salad as a topping. These nutritious USDA organic S&W beans come in a 15-oz can which includes 3.5 servings of legumes. They are tender and have a rich nutty flavor. Chick peas are jam packed with protein, fiber and iron for a healthy diet.


• Good source of fiber, iron and protein
• Contains about 3.5 servings per can
• Tender texture
• Nutty flavor
• Versatile ingredient
• Salad topping
• Homemade hummus
• Suitable for a wide range of curry recipes

Product of USA
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