ScarAway Scar Diminishing Serum ScarAway Scar Diminishing Serum ScarAway Scar Diminishing Serum

Scar Diminishing Serum

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ScarAway 100% silicone gel serum with gentle massaging applicator is ideal for easy and convenient use on scars on any part of the body, even on scars on exposed or hard-to-treat areas such as: Face, Ears Neck, Scalp, Arms, Hands and Joint Areas.

ScarAway is a concentrated 100% Silicone Gel Formulation for optimal results, and does not contain any inferior ingredients or fillers. Topical Silicone is clinically proven to help reduce and prevent scars.

ScarAway works on newly healed woulds and visible older scars. Even scars that are years old and appear raised and discolored can become flatter, smoother, and less visible—closer to your skin's natural texture and color.Our new massaging applicator harnesses the power of not 1 but 2 Scar fighters, silicone AND massage, in one easy to use product.


• Reduces the appearance of scars resulting from Surgery, Injury, Burns, Acne, Stretch Marks, Cuts, Insect Bites and   more
• Silky-smooth; non-greasy, odorless
• Safe for sensitive skin
• Innovative tri-roller applicator harnesses the power of two clinically proven scar fighters
• Silicone and Massage to help soften smooth and diminish the appearance of scars

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For children under 6 months of age, consult doctor.

Made in USA
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