Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator

7 Lights Powder Illuminator

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A multi-purpose face powder that lights up skin with 7 different light effects. Inspired by the original Shiseido Rainbow Powders.

As unique and special as you are, this combination of pigments works for any skin tone, bringing an unrivalled freshness and luminosity to any complexion. Once applied, the powder settles in and becomes almost imperceptible, allowing your own natural beauty to shine through.

More Details:

Unique technology reveals your best skin.

Dual Resetting Formula: The formula's two key powders adjust to different skin conditions, smoothing rough skin and absorbing excess oil that causes sebum shine. This effectively resets dryness and stickiness, so skin can maintain itself in a comfortable state.

The smooth Dryness Reset Powder spreads lightly and evenly on dry areas of your skin, and fits tightly to the surface. Similarly, the stickiness Reset Powder spreads over oily parts of your skin and absorbs excess sebum to keep your makeup fresh.

Floral Green Scent: The fresh sparkle of optimism that surges inside you when you open the curtains in the morning and take in the new day's sunlight — this was our inspiration as we blended the fragrance for 7 Lights Powder Illuminator.

It brings an extra little burst of refreshment every time the compact flips open. Within the distinctive top note, a hint of light, bright citrus and fresh green embodies the lively, positive feeling of morning light. A hint of aquatic floral evokes moisture in clear bright air, like morning dew. And the a tender floral note with crystal clean white musk and white cedar wood complete the fragrance with a touch of purity. Lemon oil blended into this fragrance has a proven mood-elevating an aromachological effect.


• Portable and easy to use for women on the go, who want multifunctional benefits from just one product
• Fresh skin tone
• Healthy skin tone
• Lively, vibrant impression
• Brings out the inner glow
• Translucent finish
• Dewy complexion
• Natural and flawless

Made in Japan
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