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Swanson Beef Broth 6 Pack (411g per pack)

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Volume: 411 grams
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Swanson Beef Broth is crafted from high-quality beef and vegetables picked at peak freshness that are cooked perfection to deliver a balanced blend of delicious flavor to your recipe. Packaged in a recyclable steel can, get passionate in the kitchen with our 100% natural product and create sensational beef soup and other great recipes by keeping our trustworthy broth on hand. The best ingredients make the best dishes.


Crafted with high-quality beef stock that's been simmered with vegetables picked at the peak of freshness
100% natural, 100% fat-free, gluten-free
No MSG added, no preservatives or artificial flavors [Except for a small amount of glutamate that naturally occurs in yeast extract]
For recipe ideas,
Packaged in a recyclable steel can

Safety Warning:

Caution: Metal edges are sharp.

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