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Corned Beef 340g

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Anyone asked to buy a can of Target in the Middle East doesn't have to say Target what! Everyone knows to look for Target corned beef - Target is corned beef.

Target halal corned beef has been the market leader for many years in countries such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and is now well-known throughout the Gulf as well.

More Details:

Target is widely known as a leading brand in Corned Beef!

Partly due to the iconic packaging, but mainly due to years of tradition of quality, the brand Target has become a consumer favorite.

Corned Beef from Target, made with pure beef, is a true classic that allows you to enjoy the richness of beef at any time. This culinary preparation is rich in proteins with a high biological value. These are full-fledged proteins that contain the necessary building blocks for our body. In addition, Corned Beef from Target is easy to digest and easy to chew, and that is appreciated by small ... and big!

Corned Beef from Target contains as much protein as roast beef: 21 grams per 100 grams *

Product of Brazil
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