Crunchy Muesli with Chocolate and Chia 350g

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Crunchy muesli with chocolate and chia is super delicious and healthy combination of crunchy grains, chia seeds, dark chocolate, zebra sticks and chocolate cornflakes, sweetened with brown sugar for full and maximum enjoyment. Produced by an original recipe with the finest ingredients, it is a well-balanced healthy food with excellent nutritional profile due to the chia seed.

The Chia is the richest natural plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids (over 30%), Omega-6 fatty acids (10%), protein, powerful antioxidants and essential minerals.

By adding chia to your daily diet, you will feel increased energy levels, improved working ability and concentration. The crunchy muesli with dark chocolate and chia contain high percentage of dietary fiber that positively affect food digestion, accelerate metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight.

Vitalia Crunchy muesli is a natural source of nutritional substances necessary for an active day. We recommend it as a healthy and delicious breakfast for an energetic start of your day or a light evening meal for a good night's sleep.

Product of Macedonia
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