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Spice Paste for Indian Meat Curry Rogan Josh 50g

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(Rogan Josh) In northern India, aromatic masala is a favourite spice mix enjoyed for the appetizing flavour it imparts to meat like lamb. Originally a Mughal recipe, Rogan Josh is one of the most famous dishes in Kashmiri cuisine and is rich in many aromatic spices. Most authentically made with lamb, this curry paste is also excellent with beef, goat or even turkey. For an authentic Indian experience, serve with biryani rice.

More Details:

The variety of Indian food is almost unparalleled in world cuisine: from the vegetarian fare of the South, rich curries and succulent tandoori meats from the North, through to the sweet delights from the East and the European-influenced seafood dishes from the Goa region, the cuisine encapsulates the country's extraordinary cultural and geographic diversity.

Spices like chilli, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek and coriander are at the heart of Indian dishes. Many of the most famous dishes, such as Tikka, Korma, Rogan Josh and Vindaloo, are made with spice blends (masala) unique to particular regions and locales; and chefs usually have their own spice blends, and unique cooking processes, which means its highly unlikely you'll ever find identical dishes - even if they share the same name!

If you feel like a chicken tikka masala while in India, it's worth remembering that this dish, well-known and well-loved in the Western world, was actually invented by enterprising Indian chefs in the UK. For an authentic take that tastes similar, try the Murgh Makhani, the Mughal dish believed to be the forerunner to the butter chicken that is now one of Australia's favourite Indian dishes.

If you are keen to try any or all of these wonderful dishes at home, then look no further then Asian Home Gourmet. With Asian Home Gourmet's range of Indian products, bringing the delights of Indian cuisine into your home has never been easier.


• No Added MSG
• No Added Preservatives
• No added Artificial Colours
• Gluten Free

Safety Warning:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, use immediately.

Product of India
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