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HairOmega DHT Natural Hair Support Supplement

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Scientific research has recently revealed the role of dihydrotestesterone, or DHT, in hair loss. Hairomega helps promote healthy DHT levels in both men and women.

DHT is a form of testesterone that normally circulates throughout the body in both men and women. As you grow older, more and more testosterone is converted to DHT, the rogue form of testosterone that actually causes your hair to shrink.

This is where Hairomega comes in.

Study after study has concluded that the combination of herbal ingredients in Hairomega promotes healthy DHT levels. However, we've gone even further than what published studies say is the minimum effective dose. We use ample doses and only the highest quality and purest herbal extracts. Learn more at our ingredients page.

Hair follicles require a lot of nutrients to make hair. Oxygen, B-vitamins, amino acids, sulfur, and countless other nutrients need to get to the hair follicle.

Unfortunately as you age, your vascular tissue hardens and it becomes harder for your hair follicles to get the nutrients they need.

Hairomega has the ingredients shown to support circulatory health like green tea, grape seed extract, and Gingko biloba.

The creation of hair by the hair follicles requires a lot of nutrients and metabolic pathways. If any of these are deficient or missing, then your hair growth will not be at its full potential.

Hairomega has more than just than just the recommended daily allowance for many essential nutrients.


• 45-day supply. Hairomega DHT Blocker contains 33 ingredients to support hair health
• In both men and women the main cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalances like excess DHT
• Blocking DHT stops follicular (hair root) miniaturization and allows your hair to grow
• Contains saw-palmetto, beta sitosterol, and many other DHT-blocking ingredients that help stop hair loss
• Contains essential nutrients to help nourish and support hair roots
• Hairomega is for men and women who are experiencing hair loss

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