Clinique Laboratories, LLC is a manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, owned by the Estée Lauder Corporation.


In 1967, American Vogue magazine published an article called "Can Great Skin Be Created?", written by beauty editor Carol Phillips with Dr. Norman Orentreich, discussing the significance of a skin-care routine. Evelyn Lauder, daughter-in-law of Estée Lauder, read the article,[1] and brought it to Estée's attention. Both Carol Phillips and Dr. Orentreich were recruited to help create the brand, and in August, 1968, Clinique premiered as the world's first allergy tested, dermatologist-driven line at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Evelyn Lauder, an executive at Estée Lauder and member of the Lauder family, created the Clinique brand name and developed its line of products. Lauder worked as the training director for Clinique. She was the first person to wear the trademark white lab coat, now worn by Clinique salespeople at cosmetic departments worldwide. Clinique was the third brand that was "born" from the Lauder Group. The first being Estée Lauder, followed by Aramis, and then Clinique.

Clinique Medical

In 2008, Clinique announced a partnership with Allergan, the maker of Botox and former cosmeceutical partner of Elizabeth Arden, with the result being a new line called Clinique Medical. The line is only available in physician's offices. The 5-product set is designed for pre- and post-operation skin care, and targets complications such as redness, tightness, burning, irritation, discoloration, among others that "slow the healing process." The regimen includes a probiotic cleaner, skin conditioner, recovery complex to treat redness and discoloration, a treatment cream for lines and wrinkles, and a moisturizer with SPF 38.
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