Enaltus TM - Specialty Skincare Solutions

Kelo-cote® scar products are marketed and distributed by Enaltus TM. Enaltus is a privately held biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia and is part of the Health Edge Investment Partners portfolio of companies.

Our Focus

Enaltus is focused on providing high quality skin care products for both professionals and consumers that meet our customer's goal of achieving an optimal outcome. Our areas of concentration include scar management and safe skin care products for mothers and babies.

Efficacy, Safety and Quality

At Enaltus we will settle for nothing less. Enaltus is dedicated to offering specialty skincare solutions that are proven safe and effective. Premium quality ingredients and state of the art manufacturing processes ensure that each product exceeds expectations and creates loyal customers. Our best-in-class products are formulated to preserve, restore, enhance, or improve your quality of life.


We have built a strong portfolio of products that meets the specific needs of medical professionals and their patients. We are experts at understanding the risk factors for abnormal scarring, and have developed unique and highly effective preventative measures that will help create the optimal environment for healing throughout the spectrum of care -- before, during, and after surgery and other procedures.

We are committed to ongoing clinical studies in order to reaffirm the confidence that physicians have in our products. Our scar products are the most widely studied, with more than 2,000 patients participating in clinical trials. (Ref 1-6) It is our dual objective to both manage and help treat abnormal scars and enhance quality of life.


Today's consumer is an educated and savvy individual who seeks the best and safest solutions for their skin care needs. Our Kelo-cote and Belli® brands have been trusted and recommended by physicians for many years, and in turn demand has increased in the retail sector. We partner with wholesalers, pharmacies, specialty retailers, and boutiques to distribute product and educate customers. Frequent endorsements in print media, as well as on television and the internet, reinforce our position as a trusted company that provides safe and effective skin care solutions.
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