M.T. Roller

About MTS Roller

MTS (microneedling therapy) Derma Roller consists of 192 or more specially treated high strength stainless needles. Drilling holes in the skin with such precisely machined needles regenerates the skin quickly and prevents a wound in the skin. Also, its ergonomic design with grooves on the front of the grip and minute prejections on its back prevents slippage during operation. Its streamlined design does not fatifue the wrist and arm even during long-time operation.

This instrument stimulates the skin by the manual rotations of the needles attached to the roller.

What is the purpose of MTS Roller?

It promotes the absorption of medical skin care products by stimulating the skin. Some of these are also known as essensce or serums.

Advantages of MTS Roller

• Thicker skin
• Rapid healing
• Less expensive rather then laser resurfacing
• Skin does not become sun sensitive
• Can be used after laser resurfacing or those with very thin skin
• Possible elimination of telangiectasia
• Easy technique
• Can be performed with Topical Numbing Cream
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