We are all about developing first aid products for a family's skin healing needs.

To us, every cut and scrape is serious and deserves the very best care. Whether you're looking after your children, caring for an older adult, or looking for products for yourself, Nexcare brand has friendly skin care solutions for your everyday life.

A long history of advancing the science of healing.

For nearly 60 years, 3M has provided innovative products to the health care industry in many applications, including wound care and skin health. The Consumer Health Care Division makes these leading hospital brands, such as Tegaderm™ Dressings and Micropore™ Tape, available to everyone.

We shook up the world of bandages by creating the first technically advanced strip bandage in 1994, with our Active™ Strip Bandages. By 1996, we were the #2 bandages brand. In 1997, we launched the Nexcare brand and introduced the first waterproof bandage in the category. And, as a follow-up to that, the first waterproof bandage for kids called Tattoo™ Waterproof Bandages.

In 2007, we revolutionized the bandage again by introducing our patented diamond-shaped bandage. The unique shape provides a 360º seal around the pad and comes in a variety of backings to deliver the ultimate in comfort and protection against water, dirt and germs.

A growing line to meet varying needs.

The Nexcare line continues to expand to better fit a variety of wound needs, and meet the growing demand for professional quality wound care products.

Today, we're focused on offering comfort, high quality materials and innovative technology that helps you feel better faster. Our vast line of products includes bandages, first aid wound care products, cold sore treatment and products for dry, cracked skin.

Many products. One commitment.

The Nexcare™ Products line has grown and changed and our commitment has remained the same: To provide the ultimate skin healing performance for everyday life.
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