The company is known for their natural skin care products. Notable lines include the "A Perfect World" line of products. Origins is also notable for its ongoing collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil in his own line of products that target inflammation and sensitive skin.

After 25 years, the brand now has approximately 2,000 stores globally and plans to expand by opening around 90 stores in China.

On May 14, 2015, Origins launched an interactive photo and video app on iTunes called #QuarterLifeCrisis that consumers can use to take sticker-decorated selfies with.


In November 2007, Origins launched the first organic line of skin care products to carry a 95% organic USDA certification seal.

In February 2011, Origins launched Happy Birthday"Plantscription", an anti-aging serum which claims to rival the leading anti-wrinkle prescription retinoid creams with 0% irritation.

In June 2015, Origins launched a new skincare collection targeting the effects of global pollution called "Three Part Harmony." This is in line with its global Pollution Defense campaign.

The brand has also announced a new Original Skin collection later this year to target younger consumers' skin concerns with rough texture, enlarged pores, stressed skin, and loss of brightness.

Operations and Finances

Origins' projections for 2015 include: continued strong top-line growth; increasing investment spending; constant currency net sales growth to be about 6%-7%; constant currency growth to be about 8%-10%; and emerging markets, excluding China, led by Turkey, Brazil, and South Africa to rise nearly 30%.

At the end of the 2014 fiscal year, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa represented 38% of net sales and 51% of operating income, and Asia and the Pacific region represented 20% of net sales and 19% of operating income.
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